Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring and Joy

I have all kinds of super fun spring break stuff to tell you about, full of Stimey snafus and the like, but we have been so busy doing stuff that I haven't had a chance to write. I do have some quick stuff to share though, like this photo of Quinn, where he is actually levitating with joy.

You know what makes ME levitate with joy? The most current batch of Jack supporters who have donated to the Cheetah-Thon. Thank you to Lane & Anne, Nancy & Colleen, Maura, Stacy, Heather, Alessia, Christa, and Team Sandie and the DC crew. Honestly, every time I check that page and I see the generosity from all of my friends, I am so grateful to be part of this amazing Stimeyland and Jackland community.

Oh. Here is something else. Thank you to my new friend—you know who you are—that sent Jack his own NHL puck taped with the date of his "1st career goal."

That puck and the note sent with it blew Jack's mind. You should have seen his smile.

Do you want more joy? Okay, fine. Here is more joy. My friend has new guinea pigs and she went away for Easter, so that means that *I* have new guinea pigs.

Meet Cow and Poppy.

Dude. They are the best. They run around their little cage and snort and oink and squeak. They eat lettuce and oranges and I am allowed to pick them up and cuddle with them.

I love them and I am not entirely sure I want to give them back. Even Alex, who mightily rolled his eyes when I hauled their giant cage in the house has bonded with them and likes them.

Yay for joy!


  1. I love that picture of Quinn. In fact, all these pictures and stories are full of happy.

  2. Love the picture of Quinn! My heart melted with the picture of Jack. Smiled at the picture of you w/ "your" new guinea pigs. Glad all is well.

  3. Hooray for multitudes of Joy!!!! Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. I knew we should have gotten something better than hermit crabs.   Those things sound WAAAY better.  

  5. Yay for all of the above.  And for our beautiful Spring weather.
    Karen G

  6. Hmmm...the pigs you're babysitting could have a playdate with my pigs, and if you're lucky - you'll be the owner of your very own pigs.

  7. Hmm.I commented earlier today via mobile version & it didn't show up. Weird. Anyway, love the pic of Quinn. He looks spritely. Jack looks quite pleased with his new treasure! And I love your smile with the guinea pig. Glad you are having a good break!

  8. Guinea pigs!  We had them as kids.  Wheet, wheet!  Cute as anything, but not super bright, unfortunately.

    Did you ever read the Tales of Olga da Polga?  Guinea pig fiction at its best.

  9. Joy to all!  Happy Spring Break!

    LOVE the awe on Jack's face in the puck picture.  :)

  10. I am totally printing out that photo of you. It must be framed. 


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