Friday, June 21, 2013

Holy God, It’s Still Week ONE.


Well, school let out finally and…well, it turns out that the days are really long.

Reeeeaalllly long.

But—and here is the great thing—they are also really awesome. I am loving hanging out with my kids. It’s just, damn, we do everything in our house and there’s still five hours until bedtime so we have to cycle through everything all over again.

I mean, I’ve been making every effort in the world to sleep in a little bit, which at least eliminates a couple hours from the day, but eventually the children need supervision. I have, however, come up with a really brilliant (if I do say so myself) way of ensuring that I get to sleep until at least 8 or 9 instead of getting up with my kids at 7.

I’m filing this under “teaching my kids independence” instead of “being a lazy mom” because I think that puts a better spin on it. I made this list of things for them to do in the morning and once they do them, they can play Minecraft.

It’s just as if I were there, only I don’t have to yell each instruction 75 times and they do everything because they are motivated to play videogames.
So far I haven’t caught any of them in a lie, although they were all suspiciously hungry when I came downstairs this morning.

They play Minecraft for a while and then we launch into some sort of activity. This week we have mostly stuck close to home because I’ve been letting them decompress after a whole year of school. Next week we’ll start going on some adventures.

For real though, every day we have reading time, blogging time, pool time, post-pool bath time, lunch, more Minecraft time, forced outside time, more reading time, more Minecraft time, and then we still have ample hours left over for “stare angrily at each other” time.

It was Wednesday when I forced the kiddos outside where Sam found some sort of primitive tool to chip at a rock and Jack made a good effort to empty an entire bottle of sunscreen onto a drinking glass, which really didn’t need protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Quinn, meanwhile, shouted at me over and over, “No one out here is any fun!” This led me to shout back, “Then BE FUN!”

He was not amused.

He was even less amused when I accidentally locked the back door and then sat at the dining room table and watched him be not amused.

He was outraged! OUTRAGED, I tells you.
The reason that our outdoor time was so onerous on Wednesday is because it was too cold to go into our little pool, which I had been smart enough to rope Sam into helping me set up last week. I have to tell you, it went much more smoothly than it did the first time. Although I did notice today that it seems to be canting to one side.

I imagine will be dramatic and extremely bloggable when it bursts.

Until then, the kiddos are spending a chunk of every day trying to not get hypothermia in the thing.

This was the first day. I think it’s warmed up ever so slightly since.
See? Much warmer! (Ha.)
At least the freezing cold pool makes for good sunning afterward.

Jack is a champion sunner. He’d sit there forever if I’d let him.
I haven’t yet started to force my kids to do their summer homework packets, although I imagine that will rival locking them outside on their list of Reasons to Hate Mom. For now, their more studious activities include learning how to take screenshots and writing their blog, which they continue to do on almost a daily basis.

They’re my favorite.
They’re even inspiring their friends to start their own blogs. It’s really adorable and inspiring and wonderful. They’re so creative. Also, I should let you know how much all of your comments and page views mean to them. They are not replying to all of your comments (and I’m not going to impose a requirement onto them that they do, even though the control freak part of me really, really wants to), but they are reading and ADORING each one. You guys rock.

Also, their blog currently has 528 pageviews. Do you have any idea how long it took me to get to 528 page views when I started blogging? (A LONG time.)

Eventually there comes a point in the day when I just give up and tell them to go play more Minecraft. And they do. Maybe I’ll try an experiment one day this summer and let them play and play and play until they stop. I wonder if they will. So far I haven’t found their Minecraft tolerance threshold. I’m starting to wonder if they have one.

I see A LOT of this.
I imagine that I will not be frustrated enough to try that particular experiment until much later in the summer.

So. Week One is over. There are 66 days left until the munchkins go back to school. I have a feeling we are going to be able to do a lot of really cool stuff between now and then. I’m looking forward to discovering what it is.

Coming soon: My Week Two post wherein I start to panic about there being 59 more days of summer to fill with “really cool stuff.”

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