Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kinda Hopeful, But Mostly Annoyed at That Stupid Asshole Pippin

Rumor has it that today (probably yesterday by the time you read this) is (was) National Running Day. I was going to make a little badge that said “I run to be a badass motherfucker,” but they were going to make me sign in through Facebook to make it and I am weirdly not cool with signing into things through Facebook, so you’ll just have to imagine it instead.

Because it’s running day, I figured that today was a good opportunity to tell you a little bit about how Project Stimey has been going. Last you heard, I was Discouraged But Optimistic. Then I ran a couple of races that went incredibly well and I started to write a post called “More Optimistic; Less Discouraged,” but then, as often happens, I lost interest and never wrote the post. Then my distressed hip, which will hereafter be referred to as Pippin the Worst Hip(pin), started hurting again and I started to get discouraged again. So now I’m just what that post title up there says.

Let’s start with the optimism. Remember how I was super discouraged about my running speed? Well, I went out and ran a 5-mile race a couple of weeks ago wherein I averaged 11:58 minute miles. I think you might know how phenomenal that is for me. I went out to that race with the intention of killing it, and I totally did. It was a much needed boost right when I needed it.

Also, I got to see my friend Stacy.

If you’re local to us, you might know that she is the awesome woman who took over AutMont from me.
That 5-mile race was the one I’d been looking forward to and wanted to kick ass at. However, the day after that race, I was registered for a Color Run, which I was taking substantially less seriously—as, I believe, you are supposed to.

The whole point of the Color Run, if you don’t know, is that you run an untimed 5k and at four different stations along the route, people throw colored powder at you.

See how you can see the blue color station from all the way over here?
I was supposed to run it with a friend, but we missed each other and I ended up just running by myself, which was fine, because that is what I do. Plus, according to my GPS, I ran 12-1/2 minute miles, which was good for me, especially considering I felt really slow that day.

I also felt a little bit…dusty.

I blue myself just a little.
There is a race afterparty with a band and coordinated color throws…or color bombs…or color tosses, I don’t remember. What are these things, you ask?

It was definitely cool. I took that photo, crossed Color Run off of my “runs to do” list, and went home.

At this point, I decided that I was going to focus on steady training, increasing speed and distance (not at the same time) and take a break from racing (which I’d been doing to keep me motivated), with two exceptions.

I had registered for a 10k because I wanted to run a 10k as it was a distance I hadn’t run yet. Sadly, it was not to be. (Remember that bastard Pippin?) I had to skip that race. *sad face emoticon* Happily, it was eleven billion degrees that day so I didn’t have to develop heatstroke on mile five and a half. *smiley face emoticon*

My last race that I plan on running before my relay in September is Run Amuck this Saturday. Run Amuck is a Marine Corps Marathon mud obstacle race. I signed up for it with my friend Elaine months ago. I was pretty sure I’d be fitter by now—and I never thought I’d be fighting with my hip.
I went to pick up my packet this afternoon and there were all these fit dudes in military uniforms picking up their bibs—and me.

This is going to be quite something. I actually had a nightmare about it last night. I think it is going to be a blast, but I’m worried. I have decided that I am going to take it slow and easy and not feel bad if people pass me or if I have to walk because although I think it will be fun and challenging, I’m not all that interested in making my recovery harder than it has to be for the sake of one race.

So, that is where Project Stimey stands right now. I’m working on trying to patiently work out on the elliptical while I wait for Pippin the Hip(pin) to calm the hell down. Once I’m back on the road, I want to run more consistently and harder. I’ve fallen off the no-soda wagon, but I’m working on climbing back up. Also, I’m working hard to eat healthier food. I’m still getting to where I need to be.

I may be a turtle in my journey, but I’ll get where I’m going. So I’m kinda hopeful. With a touch of asshole. That sounds about right.

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