Monday, July 29, 2013

Algernon in Chicago, Part II, aka Algercago

Remember how Algernon and I were in Chicago for the BlogHer conference? I have some important thinks about the conference and the people I met and hung with there and the things I learned and I might be able to manage to blog about it, or I might forget to, but what I do know is that I can show you the Algernon photos I spent the past four days taking.

At some point, in a fit of epiphany, I told a friend of mine that I liked having Algernon because I am able to take photos in the Expo Hall without looking like a total tool. I was under the impression that I just came across as a partial tool. Then I came home and looked at the many, many photos of Algernon that I took in various hilarious tableaux and realized that, in fact, I am a SUPER tool.
In the spirit of my tooldom, I will now share those photos with you.

Our journey started Wednesday. Algernon was pretty excited to fly.

It’s too bad that the plane was entirely full, so he didn’t get his own seat and instead had to be a lap rodent.
You remember that Southwest lost my suitcase, but at least Algernon’s luggage came through.

Or Mir had a tiny suitcase that I literally snatched out of her hands and then spent ten minutes trying to get Algernon to hold it.
I texted this next photo to Alex and he texted back to say, “But you don’t like blueberries.”

And I said, “But Algernon does.”
Also, if Algernon has held something in his filthy little paw, you might not want to put it in your mouth afterward.
Fortunately, I was at a shindig where someone walked by with some sort of blue light sanitizing wand and I immediately handed Algernon to him.

I’m absolutely sure he’s perfectly clean now. Go ahead, lick him; it’s fine now.
There were Cracker Jacks for snacks at Healthminder Day on Thursday and I was completely delighted because I love me some Cracker Jacks. I decided to take some photos of Algernon with the prize.

This one came off as more Carlos Danger-ish than I intended.
As long as Algernon was getting all down with his bad self, I let him cavort in an Expo bed with not one, but two friends.

Then I put the sheep in a dirty pose on the bed, but someone moved them. It is possible that I have too much fun at the Expo.
There was a surprising amount of alcohol being given away at the Expo on Friday. Algernon started drinking early in the day.


One of the exhibitors gave me this flower clip. It looked better on Algernon.

With this look, he could get ALL the sheep.

If you’ve hung out here in Stimeyland before, you know that Algernon enjoys taking photographs with famous people.

Enter Queen Latifah.

Sheryl Sandberg spoke on Saturday morning, and when we arrived at breakfast, there were papers on the tables on which we were supposed to write what we would do if we were not afraid.

Then, when Sheryl Sandberg actually turned out to be extremely inspiring, I felt like an asshole for posting this. I plan on blaming my friend Marty, who is the person who was funny enough to come up with the cat rescue suggestion.

Lady M and my rodent guru friend, Fourth Breakfast, happened to be in a session that Algernon and I were attending. Fourth Breakfast has a bond with Algernon that goes all the way back to last year when she did this very same thing with him. I love both of these women.

I don’t know why *I* look like I’m ready to barf in this photo though.

When you spend every moment looking for interesting places to take photographs of your stuffed mouse, everything is an opportunity.

I’ll be starting a whole new feature called “Where’s Algernon?”
Volume One will be “Where’s Algernon: Outer Space.”

I asked the photographer if I looked weird in the picture and he was noncommittal in his answer.

So, remember a few months ago when all of you wanted me to run a baby gerbil cam? I think I might have found the answer in Dropcam.

Honestly though, I would buy almost anything that advertised by featuring a live kitten cam.
One of my favorite booths was the Snickers booth. See, that’s my favorite candy bar. They were getting word out about their new bite-size Snickers. They had samples. Those samples were DELIGHTFUL.

I actually did eat this after I took it off of Algernon’s paw. He was sanitized after all.

After tiny things, we went straight to ENORMOUS things. I don’t know if you all knew this, but Optimus Prime was at BlogHer. I made an ASS of myself when he showed up. There was a lot of jumping up and down. Algernon, on my finger there, was more stately.

I texted a photo of this to Alex and evidently Sam was all, “Optimus Prime is WAY bigger than that.”
The best part is that some booths had PROPS that were appropriate for Algernon and me.

Algernon looks good with a mustache, yes?
There is an annual fashion show at BlogHer nowadays. Algernon made sure he got a turn on the catwalk.

Work it. Wooooork it.

The conference ended on Saturday, but I stuck around to have brunch with some of my favorite people on Sunday. Before that though, Algernon and I walked around and took some photos.

We don’t understand a lot of the art in the world.

But we’ll still pose with it.
We also know that if there is a fountain, you have to take a photo in front of it.

Say, “Cheeeeese!” (This is funny because mice like cheese.)
Then Algernon threw a coin in the fountain and made a wish that all of our luggage would make it home with us on our airplane.

It worked!
All good things must come to an end though. Algernon and I hopped in a cab to start our journey home, where we plan to sit on the couch and nap for the entire next week. BlogHer is extremely exhausting.

Algernon is often reckless with his seat belt. He finds them uncomfortable.
All in all, the two of us had an eggcellent time in Chicago.

Thank you to Kim, who indulged me in my weird need for a stuffed egg.
We got home right after my kids had gone to bed, so we made sure to wake them up so I could huuuuuuug them and also so I could take a photo of Algernon in his favorite tableau of all.

Don’t think that I left Jack out of this photo. That’s him in the middle, in the red body sock. Do you see why I missed them?

Now Algernon heads off to the bottom of my purse, where he will live until the next time we go somewhere with good photo ops.

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