Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hello, friends! I do believe I am just baaaaarely recovered enough from my vacation to tell you about my vacation. Just have a seat and I will pull out my slide wheel.

We drove to Wisconsin for our vacation. That is where Alex hails from and he has family up there and memories and fun places to stay, so that is one of our regular vacation haunts. This year, our time in Wisconsin was split into three sections: a Lake Michigan beach stop, Wisconsin Dells, and a few days in a cabin on a small lake in the woods just south of Lake Superior. It’s a pretty cool trip.

We spent the days of our first third of vacation at Alex’s aunt and uncle’s house on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan, which was close to our hotel in Milwaukee, or “Millie-wah-kay,” if you prefer.

I have lots of stories from vacation, but not a lot from this first stop because the whole time we were there, it was like this:


Or this:


Or this:


Which led to this:

Quinn’s sensory needs are different than mine.
Even Algernon was pretty boring while we were there.

No worries. We covered him in sunscreen.
Not a lot went down other than relaxing on the beach.

We did take some time out to do things like roast s’mores. Alex even bought some fancy s’mores cooker in a gas station and spent a good chunk of time making fun of the directions attached to it.

Evidently the first thing you have to do to cook over a fire is start a fire. Who knew?
Making fun of the directions was hilarious right up until it became evident that we might have needed to actually read them.

It turns out that you shouldn’t place the marshmallows directly on the s’mores cage.
Regardless, the s’mores were much appreciated.


There was also a flock of seagulls that patrolled the beach. We enjoyed them a whole lot because we are the kinds of people who feed wild birds.


We’re also the kind of people who eat the bread we buy to feed to the birds.

At least some of us are.
We are also the kind of people who will find one bird in a group and assign it the title of “Jerkiest Bird on the Beach.”

We were totally right about this guy though.

Attack from above!
Even Alex managed to get some solid relaxation time in.

The man builds a hell of a sand castle city.
In my next post we will discuss Wisconsin Dells and the overstimulation that lay within. Until then, imagine us in Team Stimey’s collective happy place, which is this small but fantastic stretch of beach just outside Milwaukee.

Happy place.
* Thank you to C and D for letting us hang out. It was wonderful to see you! You too, other C! :) *

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