Sunday, August 18, 2013

Team Stimey is Home From Vacation!

We had an amazing trip and I have many wonderful stories to tell you. (Prepare yourself for a 36-part series.) That said, my family spent the past two days in a minivan driving from northern Wisconsin to Maryland, so I’m not all that much in the mood for writing. Or, frankly, doing anything more than either staring blankly at a wall or sleeping.

Never fear though. I still have time to make fun of myself before I go hide in my bedroom.

We were out of town for almost two weeks. I took more than a thousand photos, including nearly fifty of a stuffed mouse. I even took a few self-portraits.

You might be able to guess how many photos of me taken by another person are in that mix. Let’s just say that if I ever have to prove to anyone that I was on this vacation, there are slim pickings.

Naturally, the first photo of me captures the *exact* moment that I inflicted pain on one of my children. Alex couldn’t have planned this photo if he’d wanted to.

He had a sunburn on that shoulder. I know. I let my kid get sunburned. I bear that shame too.
Parenting is just one rewarding experience after another, isn’t it?

It probably shouldn’t surprise you that the other photo that Alex took of me is this one:

He had it coming.

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