Sunday, September 15, 2013


There is no way on the face of this planet that I could do justice to Reach the Beach right now. You will get a full race report soon, but I will tell you several things right now:

1. We finished. Team MLC (Team Mid-life Crisis—but I really enjoyed all of your guesses!) was amazing. All 12 members of this team completely crushed the course. It was fabulous.

2. Every single one of my teammates is a remarkable person.

3. The race was really, really fun.

4. I am in the process of screwing Future Stimey right now by conspiring with my teammates to think of other relays Team MLC could do.

5. Our official time was 33:36:26, with an average pace of 9:49 minutes per mile.

6. My pace, while slower than the above number, was faster than I had planned. I couldn’t be happier.

7. This is Algernon and me reaching the beach:


8. Thank you to each and every one of you. You gave me strength and speed and love and it mattered so much. Thank you.

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