Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frustration and Love

Today was an exercise in frustration.

I took my car in to get the window glass fixed, but the box with my glass in it was mislabeled so they had to reorder the right glass. Sorry about that hour of your life, Stimey. Come back tomorrow.

I went to the bank to get a new temporary debit card and order new checks and whatnot only to find that the temporary debit card they gave me wouldn’t work and they couldn’t figure out why. Sorry about that hour of your life, Stimey. Come back tomorrow.

I had two kids with Halloween parties at exactly the same time. I was going to try to get to both and still be at home in time to make sure none of my kids ended up getting off a bus and locked out of my house. It didn’t work out. I was home on time, but I only made it to one of the parties.

Between those errands, my trip to replace my driver’s license and my trip to the grocery store, I was running around all day (with plastic taped over my car window) and feeling as if I was just not getting very much accomplished.

It was a really tough day.


But I kept checking my email. And Facebook. And Twitter. And my texts.

And you guys were there.

I cannot even explain to you how much of a difference your love made to me today. You understood that the tragedy here wasn’t the purse or the window, but it was Algernon. And whether you called him an important part of the blogging community or you called him my family, your heartfelt and truly beautiful condolences were so meaningful to me.

The fastest way to make me cry is to be nice to me. You guys had me crying all day long. Every single one of you who reached out—you will never know what it meant to me today.

I intend to respond to each of you, but it might take me a while. Today was tough. Tomorrow will be better. Thank you for being there for me. I am so lucky to have all of you.

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