Sunday, December 8, 2013

What Quinn Needs. NEEDS.

Like many of you, I am deep into Christmas shopping for my children. And like many of your children, Quinn has been proactive in letting me know what he would like to find under the Christmas tree:

I enjoy that he titled the list “What I need.”
Should we discuss?

Massage chair: Later, when discussing his desire for the massage chair, he told us that he was going to sell one of our current chairs to make room for said massage chair. So, I guess what he really wants is a massage chair and whatever he can get off of Craigslist for our old one.

Computer: So he doesn’t have to share with his brothers, I assume.

iPad: So he doesn’t have to share with me, I assume.

More cats: Seriously, Quinn? We have a lot of cats. You can’t walk through our house without tripping over a kitten. Although I kind of really also want more cats too.

Personal videogame selection/all game systems: He could have just written “I want all the things.” Because he does.

Personal room: Something tells me that he is tired of sharing a room with Jack.

Laptop: Because the first computer isn’t enough?

100-inch flat screen, plasma TV: Mayhap to go in his personal room? I’m not entirely convinced that Alex didn’t ask him to put this on the list. I’m also not entirely sure that this item actually exists.

$2000: A billion dollars worth of gifts often doesn’t feel like quite enough. So, just to be sure, let’s tack on a couple grand to make the holiday really special.

I will tell you that even though his list is extremely extravagant, when he unexpectedly ran into Santa at a party we went to, all he asked for was cat toys. He is an inscrutable little boy—an inscrutable little boy who will definitely get some cat toys in his Christmas stocking.

Note: Quinn gave me permission to blog about his Christmas list. Feel free to send him massage chairs and bundles of money. Please do not mail him any cats.

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