Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Favorite Cheetah

Jack played the third and final game of this weekend's hockey tournament on an outdoor rink this afternoon, giving me maybe the only chance I'll ever have to get decent photos of that kid on the ice without having to deal with bad indoor rink lighting and shooting through plexiglass.


The fact that it was pretty chilly was way less important because PICTURES!

(Quinn may have had other feelings about the temperature vs. pictures differential.)

I have many thoughts and feels about the tournament, mostly that it was awesome and I feel happy and I am so glad that Margret and Noah and Karen were able to come by to cheer on the Cheetahs.

Also Jack scored his first honest-to-God, non-facilitated goal, which was pretty damn awesome.


I hope to write more about the tournament in the next couple of days because you know me, I can't resist any opportunity to tell you about the magic of special hockey.


  1. Hi! This comment is for Team Stimey, especially Jean and Jack, and for other readers of Stimeyland.
    So, I went to the Cheetahs' 8AM game, this Sunday. By missing a turn, I unfortunately missed Jacks GOAL. However, it was great to meet Jean, Alex, Jack, and Quinn.
    Some highlights:
    - I'm happy to have met Jean in real life. She is a friend of a friend of a friend of mine, and is every bit as nice as you think. Jean is very understanding if you have phobias, as I do, to things like ICE. Also, she doesn't mention zombies unless you do. Just for example.
    - Jack's hockey game was GREAT! In special hockey, every athlete has a chance to play, as they rotate from the ice, to the 'bench', pretty often. The Cheetahs goalie blocked almost every goal.
    - Jack gave me a big hug when Jean introduced us after the game. [OK, I probably looked very cuddly in my giant fleece jacket.] Anyway, Jack's hug made me happy. He is a really nice kid.
    - Despite rumors to the contrary, Quinn *doesn't* talk all of the time. Though, he did answer my awkward questions, as I don't know how to talk to kids: So, Quinn, what grade are you in? What game are you playing? I hear you like cats ... which cat is yours?
    - Alex seems nice, too.
    - It was cold. If you go to a hockey game, dress in layers. :)

  2. Also, yikes, that was another lengthy comment. Ah well, conciseness isn't my strength.
    Or, I was very happy about the hockey game.
    Probably both. :)

  3. You are fabulous and this comment made me smile in a very major way.

  4. A goal?!? Wow! Jack is amazing! (I am in my thirties and have yet to score a single hockey goal.)


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