Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Oy, you guys. I just looked at my blog and realized that I've only written five posts in February. I feel a wee bit sub-par about that. This month has gotten away from me. Especially considering in January I told myself, "Self, this year you should try to write at least every other day."

(Bad Self. Bad, bad Self.)

In an effort to up my number of posts to six this month with the hope that March will bring a whole new renaissance of insightful, funny, and heartwarming writing, I will close up February with a bullet point list of shallow, boring, and not particularly sentimental snippets.

• I am sitting at my desk and there is a cat sleeping next to me. I kind of feel like work cats should come with jobs. Like, at the interview, you'd be all, "So what is the salary and with how many work cats will I be provided?"

There should also be work gerbils.

• Right on time for my 10-mile race this Sunday, my cold arrived yesterday. I am congested, have a sore throat, and am tired. Why? Why every time?

• One of the reasons I haven't been writing here very much is because I have been co-chairing a big event at Sam's school, which consisted of a teachers vs. students basketball game (that part I had almost nothing to do with) and a used book sale (this part I had a tremendous amount to do with). I sorted so many books into categories and carted so many boxes of books around that I'm almost ready to never see another book again in my life.

So many books.

On the upside, I donated a bunch of books that I didn't need anymore. On the downside, I brought home two full boxes of new-to-me books. Although I guess the real positive here is raising money for the school and helping provide a fun activity for the school's families. I suppose.

• Sam got to help me at the book sale by also carting a bazillion boxes of books around and by selling pizza for three hours. It might be harder to get him to volunteer next time.

Believe it or not, this was before he started his marathon selling session and was actually still excited to be there.

• When I was looking through my phone for the book sale photos, I had to scroll through approximately eleventy-million photos of the cats that Quinn took yesterday. I also found this one of Magician Ruby that he made me take.

Magician Ruby was pulling mice out of the hat.

Ruby was...not entirely happy about said photo shoot.

• I am hungry, but I can't decide what I want to eat. That, along with the probability that something I want to eat is not in my refrigerator is leaving me completely immobilized. My life is terribly sad.

• This:

Must. Drink. At. Exactly. The. Same. Time.

• The fact that it is still snowing today makes me want to cry. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE SPRING?

Ugh. Just fucking ugh.


  1. I am struggling to write this month, too. It's because it has been a big, gray bucket of suck here. So tired of cold and snow!!!! Here's to warmer weather and more writing next month!!!

    P.S. loved the magician cat picture.It made me laugh.

  2. I like your work cat idea. We shall have to work to get it put into law.

    I am also hungry and my life is currently terrible.

  3. I only reckon on writing one post a week, so that makes you well ahead for this month. And it's a short month too.

    The last time I donated a box of books to a charity shop I came home with a computer table.

    I do love gerbils!

  4. I need better work cats. Mine just spend all day trying to sit on the keyboard and steal my food when I'm not looking.

  5. Only 2 boxes of book? Man, if I chaired a used book sale, I would probably come home with ALL the books. Except for maybe the harlequin romances. Those I would leave. But that really is an awesome idea for a fundraiser. What did you do with the leftover books, if there were any left over? Or is that why you had 2 boxes of books?

    I have a few pics of my Q and our kitten in much the same set up as the pic of Quinn and Ruby. Our kitten has the same look on her face. The one that says "Seriously? You're just going to take a picture? So not helping."

    ps. Go, Stimey! Have a great race!

  6. Love, love the gerbil photo.

  7. Hope you're over the cold. If not, try some veggie broth with ginger, garlic, and kale or something else green. It really works. Usually.
    If you ever have extra books and no book sale on the calendar, you can leave books 24/7/365 at Stone Ridge. However, they wouldn't appreciate the leftovers from a completed sale. Obviously.

  8. The snow was beautiful. I wish I'd taken a picture of the view from my balcony Monday. There are actual trees here! It's pretty.


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