Monday, May 5, 2014

Some Days Do Not Go As Expected

I was going to write about the Cheetah-thon tonight because it was super awesome, but then Alex was installing a dishwasher and there was a sudden, house-wide power outage and a whole lot of cursing and some assertions of, "It would be best if this was never, ever spoken of ever again..."


"No, for real, Jean. You should stop talking. Now." [paraphrase]

So, I had less power-aided internetz time to write than I had planned for tonight, so I will save my Cheetah-thon stories and my happy, non-tonight memories for later.

Instead, I will give you two photos of Starfire because if that isn't happy making, I don't know what is. Also, because I think blogging about tonight qualifies as talking about it, I'm hoping these photos will make Alex less likely to divorce me over the Dishwasher Incident of 2014.

The first is of Starfire and her lovey.

I took this photo during the ten minutes Starfire sat on this blanket, purring at top volume while desperately kneading said blanket.

That toy is technically one that a human is supposed to have a part in playing with, but I don't think that is Starfire's hope. Mostly she just drags the thing around and then manically kneads at it while making some sort of extremely loud cat noise. Sometimes I wake up in the morning with it on top of me. I am terrified that it will get lost in our move.

Next up: Chillaxing Starfire.

This photo is best if you imagine her as the passenger in a convertible, listening to some tunes.

Now I have to go apologize to Alex for being annoyed at him as he tried to better our lives. Reason #867 you are glad you're not married to me.


  1. Remind me to tell you about the time it took Bob four trips to the hardware store to change a toilet seat. On Christmas Eve.

  2. Hi, Hope preparing for your move is going well.
    1. Why a new dishwasher now? This sounds ... complicated.
    2. Please don't completely renovate your kitchen before listing. I don't love black granite counters and stainless appliances; that's just my preference.]
    3. A related tip: before replacing the faucet handles on your sink, turn off the main water supply! I didn't know this when I lived in my very first apt out of college, and, well, water went everywhere. In my defense, way back then there was no internet to check the instructions.
    4. Is Starfire the tiny kitten? Anyway, in pic 1, her arched back is scary to people like me who are slightly hesitant about cats. In pic 2, she looks very relaxed. In fact, this pic proves that cats have arms. Right? :)

  3. Cat pictures just when I needed them! Thank you.

  4. Yes, Starfire does make me happy. Well done.


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