Friday, August 29, 2014

Dipshit Friday: The Key Edition

Back in the day, there used to be a feature here on Stimeyland known as Dipshit Friday. I think it might be time to bring it back. In keeping with the theme, as long as this is posted at least 15 seconds before Friday ends, it still counts as Friday. You know, if you're a dipshit.

dipshitfridayI locked myself out of my house earlier this week.

I had all day free while my kids were in school, so I decided to go on a long run in training for my half marathon that is coming up next month. I walked out of my house wearing my Camelbak water backpack, locked the door, and put the key in a pocket of the Camelbak that I wasn't planning on opening until I returned home.

Then I ran. And did some walking. And then ran some more. And then walked. And ran. And then wandered around a park for ten minutes, looking for a water fountain to refill my Camelbak, then ran some more and then finally stopped running and limped home. It was a rough run for me.

As I walked up my driveway, I took off my Camelbak and started rooting around for my key. I smelled so bad that even I was offended and all I could think about was drinking some cold water and showering.

That was when I discovered that my key was gone. I knew that it had to be in the Camelbak pocket. There was nowhere else it could be. I mean, I'd locked the door with it. I'd put it in the pocket. I'd returned and unzipped the pocket. Where was it?

I looked everywhere in the Camelbak. I doublechecked my work. I looked around on the ground in front of my door in case I'd just dropped it instead of putting it in the pocket. It was nowhere to be found.

The only thing I could figure out was that I'd accidentally put it in the wrong pocket and it had fallen out during my run when I was grabbing an energy chew or when I got that phone call and was afraid it was Quinn's school and I panicked trying to get my phone out of the pocket. Or, I thought, maybe it was at mile eight when I got all tangled up in the Camelbak straps and my headphones cord and had to stop to figure out how not to strangle myself to death.

I'm extremely good at doing more than one thing at a time.

Anyway, I knew Jack would be home in a little over an hour and he has a key to the house just in case his bus ever drops him off when I'm not home. I sat down on the steps and called Alex to tell him what had happened somewhere over the course of the last 12ish miles.

"Are you going to retrace your steps to find it?" he asked.

He was extremely helpful. Jackass.

I went to the backyard to sit in our hammock. Our trusty hammock has been with us through thick and thin for two years. I knew it would provide me comfort until Jack arrived.

I sat on the hammock—and promptly fell to the ground as it disintegrated under me after having been outside in good and bad weather for two years.


I sat there for a while...on the ground...partly held up by the broken hammock...because, you know...TIRED. I eventually moved to a chair on my back porch where I could watch my cat watch me.


Eventually she got bored and fell asleep and I was all, SCREW YOU CAT.

After that, I headed back around to the front of the house and sat by the driveway to wait for Jack. When he arrived, he was absolutely delighted to be a hero and let me in.

Jack is NOT the dipshit in this story.

We went inside. I showered. Jack basked in being awesome. When it was time to get Quinn from the bus stop, I headed outside and ran into Sam in the driveway as he arrived home. We stopped and chatted for a minute and during the conversation, I looked at the ground.

Where I saw...

Of course.

I must have sat right next to that key for like twenty minutes as I was waiting for Jack's bus to arrive.

And that's how you do Dipshit Friday.


  1. Your front door is magnificent.

  2. Your stories have the best endings.

  3. The cat should have unlocked the door and let you in.

  4. Maybe Jack will lend you his keychain! btw, Strosniders has a very nice selection. Get the smiley face one if they still have it. And, they make duplicate keys for a very reasonable cost.

  5. I also lose keys all the time, and they are always in some random section of my computer tote. I've even lost keys in my little clutch, where it's impossible to lose anything. So don't feel bad. :)

  6. Aw, thanks! There is a blue door across the street that I'm kind of jealous of.

  7. Right? I searched my Camelbak for a really long time because of that phenomenon. I was sure that I could still find it in there after I looked and looked and looked. Of course, in retrospect, we all realized that I unknowingly dumped the key out immediately upon opening the Camelbak.

  8. Continuing the dipshit theme, is that a chain or a retractable cord Jack has on his key, and where did you get it? I want something like that for R so she never has to unclip her house key from the special little key clip inside her backpack. (Doesn't the Camelbak have one? I thought all backpacks have one.)

  9. It is a chain. I got it at Hardware City near the key duplication counter for the very reason you speak about with R.

    And, yes, the Camelbak does have one of those little clips, thank you for mentioning that. Hence: dipshit. :)

  10. Sitting next to the key and never seeing it shows just how tired you were!

    I love your door, too, as well as totally getting the "blue door" envy - I am wondering if TARDIS blue shouldn't be the choice the next time we paint...

  11. If you really wanted to brighten your son's day in the future you could "lose" your key again

  12. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's door. Unless it's blue because OMG AWESOME.

  13. But you win! Because you spun that sucker into a perfect story. Love you.

  14. That's hilarious! At least you had a good run?

  15. You are totally right!

  16. The cat should have used their Jedicat Mind Powers and floated the key to your pocket.

  17. I lose keys in my driveway all the time. Allan thinks I should just keep a metal detector on the porch.


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