Sunday, September 21, 2014

Every Day a Little Easier

I realized the other day that I haven't updated you on the Quinn vs. School situation lately and that the last you heard, things were rough. While Quinn is still emphatic about not being the kind of kid who enjoys school, every day is better than the last and he is, if not super incredibly happy to be going to school every day, at least not madder about going to his new school than he was about going to his old school.

This year, all students in our district ended up with email addresses, something that came as a surprise when one evening Quinn was laughing hysterically about the emails he and Sam were sending each other. I took a look at his account and noticed that he had been sending emails to a kid from his school, some kid I'd never heard of.


I mean, yeah, the email was something along the lines of "poooo00000ppp ha ha %^*^%#*@&#( meow meow cat," but he was communicating with a peer from his school so, you know, rock on wit yo bad self, Q-ball.

Fast forward to last week when Quinn was all excited to go to his new school's back to school picnic. Grabbing on to the fact that Quinn was excited about something about school, we ditched Sam's soccer practice, Alex came home from work early, and we all headed over to the picnic.

We weren't social butterflies or anything at the picnic, with my kids playing almost entirely with just each other, but they were happy. They played in the dirt and ran on the playground and found sticks.

“Take a picture of this stick, Mom. This is a good stick.”

They made Alex pull a hula hoop out of a tree near the playground and then Quinn hunted down the principal and gave it to her because "it belongs to the school." Then the principal had to carry the dirty hula hoop around all night. Good times.

Also, Quinn's reading teacher brought her dog, which, regardless of whether he can define any of this week's vocabulary words, he could write an essay on this dog and his quirks. So at least I know he's been paying attention to something in class.

So anyway, we know one family at the school and we were standing there talking to them when this other mom came up. Somehow it came up that her son was in fourth grade and then she mentioned his name and it was EMAIL KID!!!

Then Alex and I kind of made asses of ourselves, being all, "You're Email Kid's mom?! Is Email Kid here?! We're sooooo excited about Email Kid!" Then I made her give me her phone number.

I think we might have come across as desperate and a little overbearing.

But Quinn was all, "Email Kid is here? Where is he?" and then he ran off to see him and later he asked if he could have a playdate with him, so I'm okay with being overbearing and desperate because Quinn has a friend—or at least someone he talks to—at his new school and that's awesome.

We also have an EMT meeting (the meeting to decide if he is eligible for evaluation for an IEP or 504 plan) set up for the end of this month, at the school's instigation. Quinn is back to trying to be the first kid on the school bus instead of me having to shove him on board. And the other day I watched him walk down the street after bus drop off with another kid who lives down the street.

So we're feeling all right over here. I'm not saying that Quinn isn't ridiculously brave to set off every day in a world full of sensory assault—he most definitely is—but he keeps getting happier, and I will take that.



    But I'm in your district and we don't have this email address situation? Am confused. Than again, my school had a tendency to live by its own rules.

  2. That is all so so so cool. Changing schools is hard. School is hard. Making friends is hard. Love how wonderfully he is navigating it all. xo

  3. Go Quinn!!! And Andy says "meow!"

    As do all three of our cats.

    Apparently they all know what they are talking about.

  4. So glad for the update, as I had been wondering and hoping for the best. Sounds like said hoping was working! Who knew?

  5. That is awesome! Especially this: Quinn is back to trying to be the first kid on the school bus .... And the other day I watched him walk down the street after bus drop off with another kid who lives down the street.
    Changing schools is difficult.

    I do have a suggestion [of course]. If the [relatively young] kids all have e-mail now, the school should offer a social media 101 course for all. I'm a little surprised that they didn't inform the parents in advance, though.... Some might think their kids aren't old enough, right? Don't mean to sound OLD or anything. :)

  6. This makes me so, so happy to hear. I'm glad Quinn is making friends as he makes his way through a challenging new academic year with a new school, new grade, new expectations, new routines, and new people to get to know. That's a *lot* of newness all at once, and I hope he's as proud of himself for persevering despite his stress--and blossoming, too!--as I know you are.

  7. Fantastic! Brilliant! Molto bene! Way to go Quinn! :-D

  8. I think it has to do with the new Chromebooks. They all have emails that can only send or receive emails from other mcps email addresses. All three of my kids have them and they are at different schools, so it's at least kinda widespread.

  9. Thanks for all the hope!

  10. getting happier is really all any of us can ask, isn't it?


  11. This makes me so happy! Progress is progress, even with pooooop!


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