Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Guess What Time It Is?


Algernon got to go to Disneyworld, so now Chester gets a turn.

Nobody tell my kids that they are in line behind two stuffed mice.

My friend Heather and I are going back to Disneyworld, no kids included. This is actually harder than it sounds because I not only had to get myself ready to go out of town, but I had to get my entire family ready to survive without me. Thank goodness Heather is around to plan everything for everybody. Seriously. If not for her, instead of planning a trip to Disney starting Thursday, I'd be planning a trip to the grocery store—and I'd be doing it badly too.

Wish my family luck. Wish Heather and me a good time. Keep an eye on Chester's adventures on Stimeyland's Facebook page. See you early next week.


  1. Seriously jealous of your stuffed mice. I want to go to Disney!

  2. They're totally spoiled. :)

  3. Will Chester get a hat? I have a Twitter friend that went to Disney World the day before his 22nd birthday, said it was his first time. He had to travel to Florida. By the way, he's been mentioned in my blog.

  4. So jealous - have a blast!

  5. Look forward to Chester's pictures! Try to keep him out of trouble.

  6. Have a great time!
    You said that Tinkerbell yelled. Why? That seems out of character. Did you forget to clap so that Tinkerbell would live?
    I'm not mocking, btw. I had an opportunity to visit the movie studio theme park in Orlando, way back in February. Kind of regret that I didn't go.

  7. Just in case anyone asks, you mentioned that Tinkerbell yelled, in your facebook feed, right over there. ->
    I don't use facebook. :(

  8. I'll introduce myself properly when I get to your current post, until then I'm going to time travel back to 2011.

  9. Hope you have a great time! Just got back from a girlfriends trip and it was a wonderful break. :-)


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