Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to write a Halloween post if only to show off our pumpkins. I should admit that I had nothing to do with said pumpkins. I was out of town when Alex and the munchkins created them. They are stellar.


I love them so much.

That is Quinn's pumpkin in the front with the mouth on the top and the eyes on the bottom. I am sort of in love with it. Straight-laced Alex was all, "I really didn't want to do it that way." But he did. And that is the important thing.

The little pumpkin way in the back is Jack's. Usually the kiddos draw on the pumpkins or describe what they want and then one of us carves it. When I saw this sort of hacked at face though, I was all, "Alex! You let Jack carve his own pumpkin! Awesome!" His reply? "I did not."

Then there is the cat. OMG, the cat. It is so good. Although its tail isn't quite as fluffy now that it's rained a few times. Also, I think because it is painted black, the sun is super hot on it and it is starting to melt or morph or something.


Fortunately it is Halloween, so it doesn't have to last for much longer.

I wanted to post a video I have of Quinn performing a Halloween poem that he had to memorize for school, but when I asked if I could post it, he said, "NO!" so I'm sorry, but you can't see it.

He did such a good job though. He was supposed to perform it in class like all the other kids, but that is a perfect recipe for an in-class meltdown and when I came to his teacher looking for alternatives, she suggested he do it at home and I videotape it. It was a GREAT idea. He did fantastic. I loved everything about it.

I hope you all have safe and happy Halloweens in whatever way you celebrate. (One of my kids goes trick or treating with me and the other two stay home and
eatgive out candy. And Alex goes to a Phish show.)

Happy Halloween!

p.s. And happy birthday to my sister, whose birthday is ON Halloween! You're really old this year, Ann. 


  1. Henry thinks those pumpkins are very cool.

  2. your friend in kansasOctober 31, 2014 at 4:42 AM

    Yes! Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to your sister and to my daughter. I call her at 7:04 AM, her birth moment, and remind her that it could have been earlier - like mid October earlier - when she was actually due. She is a good sport. Love all the pumpkins, although I, too, am a bit partial to the one standing on its head.

  3. Love the pumpkins! Happy Halloween to Team Stimey.

  4. Great pumpkins! Thank you for sharing your family's creativity. :-) Have a great Halloween!

  5. First, I hope Jack made it home ok!!
    Also, awesome pumpkins!

  6. It's my birthday today. My blog-day's coming soon as well.

  7. I posted in my blog and yes I acknowledge my blog-day today.


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