Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Holiday in Photos (and Also Some Words)

Team Stimey had a lovely Christmas. It was one of the most relaxed days we've had in a long time. Much of my family didn't even get out of their pajamas all day, which usually is upsetting to me, but today seemed just about right.

What seemed right to us, however, seemed exceedingly strange to some members of Team Stimey.

“What…in…the FUCK…is happening here?”

I'm going to cut the suspense right here and let you know that Santa came and all of my children were very happy.

It’s funny because Santa brought these weird tiny robots in boxes with Japanese writing on them. Frankly, just looking at them, I wasn’t sure what was in the boxes. They were Jack’s favorite present of the whole day. See above.

Santa also gave the kids a bucket of snowballs, which was a huge mistake, especially considering the laser-sharp aim Sam has developed.

The cats got a crinkly tunnel as a present later in the day, but until then, they had to make do with the watching the local wildlife.

Starfire almost bolted through the window after that squirrel.

We had gift successes, like this beanbag:

It was exactly what he wanted!

Oh. Wait. Maybe he just wanted the box.

Okay. Maybe he does like the beanbag. (He’s making a cozy nook in his closet. He also got a lamp for it today.)

We also had gift failures, like the video game that we couldn't get to install correctly.

I let Alex borrow the “f-bomb” I got. He needed it.

At some point, I forced Alex to leave the house and go for a quick run, which was sorely needed. The only snag was that we had gone running while a pie was in the oven and we ran slower than we usually do (maybe because caramel corn and coffee cake aren't conducive to speed work). We were probably 3/4 of a mile from home when I looked at my watch and mentioned that we were usually a lot farther along by the time 27 minutes had passed.

Then Alex got a startled look on his face and he was all, "THE PIE! WE HAVE TO SAVE THE PIE!" and he took off running, I swear, faster than I am capable of moving, yelling, "THE PIE! THE PIE!"

The fact that I was trying really hard not to pee myself laughing made it difficult for me to chase after him. The fact that his arms were flailing and he was hurtling along at lightspeed did not help me either.

When we run together, we usually walk up the last steep half mile to our house. Today, Alex kept encouraging me to run it, shouting, "LEAVE ME! SAVE THE PIE!"

The fact that we were dressed identically only made us more ridiculous.

(We saved the pie.)

Imagine some Minecraft playing, some ham eating, and some Lord of the Rings watching and you pretty much have the rest of our day. It was fantastic. I hope your day was as chill as ours. Know that we spent time thinking of our friends and family and wishing you all a Merry Christmas as well.

Sending love and wishes for a lovely end of 2014 to all of you from Team Stimey.

Are you ever pissed when someone gives you a gift that is so perfect you wish YOU’D been the one to think of it? Yeah.


  1. omg. First, LOVE those legos. What a neat gift! Pie in the oven sounds like just the carrot to keep moving! Too funny.

  2. I love you guys. Also, did you know that our kitten Lucy looks just like your cat?

  3. Merry Christmas, and best wishes for 2015!
    The Lego people are hilarious. Jack's mini robots, and Quinn's beanbag chair, look awesome.
    We deferred our family get-together for a few days b/c Dad had to take Mom to the ER yesterday morning. I believe she will be fine.

    For future reference: Whole Foods has the best pumpkin pies - pre-baked! I enjoy going to Whole Foods early on Christmas Eve morning. Yes, the store is crowded. However, it's kinda festive, in its own way.

    PS: My sister's cat loves watching birds, whether the birds are outside the windows, on a webcam, or on TV. He is a black tuxedo cat, named "Kanji" after the Japanese character set.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. My guy got a yogibo too! But that's got nothing on those Legos--amazing. Merry Christmas!

  5. Where did those Legos come from????? They're the BEST EVER. (And now I have to go find out what a yogibo is. Never even heard of it.)

  6. Sounds perfect! So glad you had a great day. And saved the pie.

  7. Sometimes the parallels in our lives make me feel the need to take up running. (Thankfully, it passes before I buy expensive running shoes.) In our house we have Asperger's, ADHD and anxiety to spare.
    Our youngests and middles are also sporting the same hairstyles. One by choice the other because having his hair or teeth touched top his 'things to avoid' list. Therefore haircuts end up on my 'avoid as long as possible' list. My middle kiddo likes the teeny tiny lego-like blocks and a leaning tower of Pisa has been constructed this week. Quinn's pjs show up in my Christmas pics too. My youngest refused having the doors off his closet because he wanted a closet hidey hole. Our oldest's (mine's a girl) often sport the same facial expressions but that may just be a teen thing.
    We recently moved from VA to CA... that should make it harder for you to look in our windows.
    (Oddest parallel - I have a sister born on Halloween too. Ann is her middle name.)
    Happy Holidays!

  8. Whaaaaat? That's kinda amazing. Greetings, parallelofriend!

  9. We totally need to come visit you guys.


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