Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh, hiya!

Are you still there?

Things are good here, but super busy. We've had family in town since before Thanksgiving and I had this early-December realization that I had to prepare for Christmas and then my kids had seventy-five million events over the past three weeks and things were very overwhelming and suddenly here it is, mid-December and I've neglected you, my wonderful friends from the computer.

So, hello! How are you? I hope you're enjoying the beginning of winter.

One thing that I've been up to is running. I had a couple of really fun races last month. The first was the Across the Bay 10K, where I got to run across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Then I ran another 10K on Thanksgiving, which was fun, but challenging considering those two races, and maybe one or two other runs, were the only times I ran more than four miles at a stretch in the whole month.

Which leads me to my next topic.

I've been doing a running streak. For both of the past two years, November and December have been tough for me in keeping up with my running, so I decided to do a Thanksgiving to New Year's streak, where I run at least one mile every day.

You want to know something? I don't want to run at least one mile every day. This streak is the worst idea in the whole entire world. I have had a bunch of days already when I've had to get on my treadmill at 8:30 at night because I haven't had a chance to run all day. One day, it was almost ten in the pm by the time I was able to get on the treadmill. It sucked.

That said, I've run every single stupid day and I'll probably do another streak again next year. Because there is nothing to keep me moving like the threat of some imaginary failure.

The fun part of the run streak is that Alex is starting to run, so we've been doing it together. It's a little tougher for him to find time to do it, so we're not able to run together very often, but it's been super fun when we do.

Alex is kicking butt at it too. He's already able to run more than a mile and a quarter without walking and totals a couple of miles each time we go out. I'm super proud of him.

Now, while I am willing to commit to a run streak, I am not confident in my ability to commit to a blogging streak. (Maybe I could get Alex to help me out on that too?) But! I am going to try to write more often. Because I miss this space. And I miss you.

So happy December! I'm looking forward to seeing more of you this month!


  1. I've been sucky at blogging, too. Just craziness everywhere. But if all else fails, post pics of kids, cats, and gerbils. We love pics.

  2. Run + streak = naked. Right? Or is this a different streak?

  3. Wow!!! I love that you come up with the worst ideas in the entire world cause that means that I am not alone! :O Thank you!!! Although mine have nothing to do with running because...well...DUH...I don't run. EVER. Unless of course something is chasing me and even then I would probably ponder the idea of having to run for waaaay too long. ;)

    Happy December to you and yours too! :D

  4. Big well done to you, and Alex, on your ongoing running success. As a non-runner I am tremendously impressed. I saw your Christmas family photo suggestions on Facebook. You've managed to capture a perfect Christmas card photo of the boys and one of the gerbils too. I tried and failed on both counts. In the end I pasted together four individual photos of each of us for our newsletter and posted a couple of old gerbil ones just to remind us all what they look like. Good luck with all your hectic pre-Christmas preps.

  5. I love that you're doing the running streak! My whole family is doing it, though I cut Helen a break and she only runs a half mile if she decides to run it on the treadmill. Let's do it!!! You are awesome! And imaginary failure is my best motivator, too.

  6. Keep going! You're doing great and I can't wait to hear more! :-)

  7. You're a funny lady, Sue.

  8. That's awesome that your whole family is doing it. Way to be a motivator! And congrats on your thousand miles too!

    Even though I hate them, I'm so grateful that I have a treadmill, otherwise my streak would have been over on, like, day four.

  9. We have a treadmill, but it needs a new part.

  10. Is your treadmill at home? Do you like it? What kind is it? I wonder if I would actually go run in my cellar...

  11. It is at home. I do like it. It is a PaceMaster ProElite. It is probably 10 years old, although it was not run on for several of those years. Forcing yourself to run on a treadmill can be tough, but if you're determined and you don't want to go outside, it's a godsend.


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