Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dinner, Team Stimey Junior Style

Although this looks like a pretty ordinary photo, there is not a single thing that I don't love about it:


It so perfectly describes my family. Now I'll use a thousand words* to tell you exactly how it describes my family.

First of all, I don't know if you've noticed, but there on the left sits Starfire in a chair. She sat there nearly completely still for a solid 15 minutes all like, "What in the actual fuck? Where is MY plate of spaghetti?")

I don't know that we need to go too deeply into our food choices, but there IS a green salad on the table, so maybe that makes up for the canned crescent rolls there on the lazy Susan.

Speaking of that green salad, you might notice that Sam and Jack each have ONE piece of lettuce on their plates. Neither of them was able to finish it. In his defense, however, Jack did lick his. Barely.

You might notice that Sam is ingesting nourishment when I took this photo. That is because he never stops putting food in his mouth. He ate four helpings of the spaghetti. (And then said he was too full to eat his tiny scrap of lettuce.)

You should now move your attention over to Quinn, who looks completely disgruntled. Let the record show that he, in fact, was completely disgruntled. His reasons were twofold: (1) Quinn does not care for spaghetti. Or apparently salad with "cream," a.k.a. salad dressing. (2) Jack was eating his spaghetti with his fingers, which makes Quinn gag—and scream, apparently.

My house is a riot of conflicting access needs.

Jack tried really hard to eat his spaghetti with his fork, but, c'mon, it's spaghetti.

Also, you can rest assured that I didn't actually give Jack poison to drink for dinner.

All in all, a pretty accurate representation of our family dinners. At least no one burst into tears when they arrived at the table and saw what I was serving. That has happened in the past. Often.

Lest you think Team Stimey dinners are all screaming fights and food refusal, I offer the next two photos, which show the end of dinner when Jack spent a good five minutes scripting a joke that *I* didn't get, but that Sam and Quinn found HILARIOUS.

You can’t tell, but Sam was laughing too.

Jack and Quinn have a really tight connection. This photo totally captures that. I love it.

Also, please don't judge me for my terribly sugary and non-nutritious cereal choice visible in the background.


* Actual word count: 387


  1. That. Last. Photo. Just…yes.

  2. Your family is wonderful. Just looking at them talking and laughing together, minimal greens and all, makes me happy.

    And, speaking as someone who had one child tonight who *did* burst into tears upon seeing pork chops cooked in a new, exciting, and disturbingly different way than the usual--yeah. I hear you.

  3. I HATE coming up with meals that my kids will like. "Everyone make a sandwich or something for dinner" is said quite often here.

  4. I'm impressed that for the most part everyone is eating the same food. A+ in my book!

  5. So now you have figured out that my secret joy is looking at all the details in people's random photos. You have figured that out, and you are HELPING me! Yay!

  6. I would totally say that except two of my kids refuse to eat sandwiches.

  7. I love that too! Like, what can I figure out about this person based on what is just sitting in the background of this photo?

  8. I have 3 special little snowflakes of stressful eating preferences at my house, too. Plus me. LOL

    I always try to include one thing that each child will eat with every meal because they do not all 3 like almost any of the same foods and if I don't then I become a short order cook.

    Some meals are easier than others. but the love you can see in these photos is awesome. Do your kids have to have their food not touching and absolutely no mixed veggies/fruits, too? And no sauces on anything? Always to the side. *sigh*

  9. Jean, This brings back some memories! When we visited my Mom a few days ago, we reminisced about family meals, which we always had together. After I mentioned how much I loved her potroast with carrots and potatoes, my Dad chimed in that my brother's favorite lunch was Spaghettios. :)
    These days, I don't like meat in any form, though I do like fish. This is ironic, because among my Mom's best meals were the pot roast, spaghetti and meatballs, Swedish meatballs, 'porcupine' meatballs :) , and pork chops with lemon. And we always had two vegetables, or a vegetable and potatoes. A salad would qualify.
    Anyway, my brother turned out fine, despite subsisting on Spaghettios, sugary cereal, and baloney cut into squares.
    Sorry, long comment.

  10. Forgot to mention: tomato-based pasta sauce also counts as a vegetable. :)
    I'm definitely not critiquing your food choices. If I had kids, I'd definitely use the Whole Foods* salad bar, and prepared foods, just to save time. Maybe buy a pre-roasted chicken once a week. Mac and cheese. Carryout.

    * I should work for them, but I don't. :)

  11. Love this! Such a perfect window into the everyday. :-)

    My son won't eat anything green - he calls them "trees" and once said that God is in every living thing and he didn't want to eat God.

    Apparently God is not in bacon.

  12. i love real. thank you for sharing them.

    and pass the cereal.

  13. I ate sandwiches as a kid, so I guess only one of the Team Stimey Junior members is anything like me as a kid in regard to food.

  14. Me too. I don't remember having a choice as to whether or not to eat sandwiches.

  15. We eat a lot of one-dish meals. As in, "here is your plain grilled chicken breast. Enjoy!"

  16. I am always encouraged by stories that start with, "[so and so] only ate fish sticks and beets and he's still alive!" because then I think my kids will survive too.

  17. Hi. I just checked back here because I received an e-mail related to cooking, and not from you. :)
    Anyway, our typical brought-to-school lunch was a sandwich; carrot and celery sticks, an apple, raisins, or something similar; and a home-baked cupcake.
    My brother most likely wanted the crusts cut off of the bread. :)
    Just wondering... might the kids like to make their own sandwiches or wraps? Or maybe they prefer a bento box of items that they like. That's possible.

  18. Yes, and I discussed this with my brother after we visited Mom.
    He recalls that he only ate a few foods, for quite a while. Of course, he also had vitamins, the usual well-child visits, and whatnot.
    What's funny is that he recalled not liking spices in food, and now he likes all kinds of cuisine. Go figure.

  19. Love this post--the food issues (I was beyond difficult as a kid) and the obvious love.

    My guy is a good eater, but last week I made a soup out of a bunch of root vegetables. Without tasting it, he said, "Mommy, please don't ever make this again." I laughed so hard I cried. :-)

  20. In England, they call salad dressing "salad cream", which sounds totally revolting to me, like someone put hair conditioner on the salad.

    We have survived, my family of 3 picky eaters, all with different food allergies (me, too). They all liked rice, and cut up raw vegetables with dip.They all learned to cook, and when they hit their growth spurt in their teens, they lost a lot of the pickiness.Also, food cooked by other mothers is delicious, and I should learn how to make THAT.

  21. I'm not as picky as I was, but still don't eat mushrooms, peppers, particularly hot ones or Limburger cheese (PU!). I like cheese, as long it's not hot cheese (like pepperjack) or stinky cheese

  22. Now we are having spaghetti for dinner tomorrow because that sounds delicious. And send the cat over, we have an extra seat and she can have a plate.

  23. Your family is awesome.

    ps I love krave!

  24. And I thought our family was the only one who had dinner issues.LOL. At the end of the day if they walk away with smiles is a job well done.

    We tried Krave as well and it was not a big hit with the kids..Lucky for us..on the other hand Lucky Charms for some reason is always requested on the grocery list

  25. There are some cereals that I never allow on the grocery list because if I do, I know I'll be stuck buying them until the end of time.


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