Wednesday, February 18, 2015


* See here.

I like doing puzzles a lot. It is extremely calming to me. Except for the part where you have to lay out 75 million tiny pieces face up and separate the edges from the middles. I hate that part. But all the rest of it is totally my jam.

I hadn't done any puzzles for a long time until last week, when I busted one out, grimaced through the laying out of the pieces, and settled in to putting the thing together. I could practically feel my blood pressure decreasing.

Then I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning, I remembered why I hadn't done any puzzles for a long time.


Then, the next morning, this happened:


She was actively trying to play with the pieces right in front of me. Later, she got puzzle pieces stuck in her fur.

I think you know what is coming next.


I don't know what it is about puzzles that invite cats to sit on them, but I'm grateful that they didn't use the pieces as a litter box, which has happened to some of the people who commented when I posted these photos on Facebook. Thank you for small favors, little cats.

After I finished it, I passed on my puzzle to my friend and fellow puzzle nerd Heather, who faced similar issues at her house.


I did discover a side benefit of Puzzlin' that had nothing to do with cats or blood pressure.

A puzzle buddy!

Jack was sitting next to me while I was working on this puzzle and at first he was all, "no thanks" and then he saw my little pile of pieces all with orange flowers on them and he started putting them together, which was both delightful and vexing because *I* had spent all the time collecting those pieces and deserved the opportunity to put them together, dammit. But because I am not just an awesome mom, but nearly a saint, I did NOT shove him away and demand he disassemble the orange flower pieces.

It turns out that Puzzlin' is also conducive to chatting. We talked about competing access needs (Jack's desire to eat spaghetti versus Quinn's desire to never see spaghetti—and also actual access needs), whether Jack wanted to help choose his classes for next year or let his teachers do it (let his teachers do it), and if he wants to attend his next IEP meeting (yes, and even better if they serve popcorn).

In fact, It was so much fun that Jack even turned down his brothers when they asked him to come play with them.

Wait. Actually, his brothers asked him to come play and Jack said, "Sorry. This case is more puzzling."

I know. Puzzles and puns. He's like the perfect kid.

And he didn't even lie all over the pieces.


  1. Oreo needs an Italian girlfriend. He is such a looker.

  2. My favorite part of working on puzzles is when the kids help too. Luckily my dogs can't get on the table.

  3. Yay! Puzzles! I loooove the part where you separate all the pieces and turn them over, in fact I offer to do that for other people who don't like that part. And by 'offer' maybe I mean do it for them when they're out of the room. Whatever.

  4. a) I love everything about this. b) I'm totally bringing popcorn to our next IEP meeting.


    ^this cat looked like one of your's to me

  6. I like puzzles a lot too. I need to get slightly older children before I can get more into them though. We still have a lot of knocking off the table that goes on here.

  7. Promised myself that as soon as I get the tax paperwork off of the table, the next project will be a puzzle. You'd think that would motivate me? (You'd be wrong.) Good to know you have a puzzlin' buddy.

  8. She's a she, but yes, gorgeous, right?

  9. Yeah, dogs would be destructive.

  10. We would be the PERFECT puzzle team.

  11. Jack said cake would also be acceptable.

  12. I clicked on the video and then I was enjoying it too much to even compare the cat to mine. So funny.

  13. Yeah, small children are even worse for puzzles that cats are.

  14. Puzzles are waaaaay more fun than taxes.

  15. That episode with Winston puzzlin' is one of the funniest bits I'd seen in a long time. So glad you referenced it.

  16. Andy and I are perusing the blog today. (It's educational, right?) He has decided this is the Best. Post. Ever.


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