Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Remind Me Never to Sign Up For a Spring Marathon

I'm in a bit of a pickle.

I'm running a 15K race on March 14th and I am seriously undertrained. I was doing really well on my training and then I got sick and then it started snowing all the time and then I lost motivation and then I got really busy and then it snowed some more and then I lost even more motivation and then I realized how totally screwed I am.

I keep trying to run, but all of my good running paths are either covered in snowy ice or feature invisible spots of the even better kind of ice that makes you fall down. Usually that's not a big problem because I have a treadmill and can just run on it. But my treadmill is broken so I can't run on that either.

I feel trapped.

Part of me is all, "Fuck it, I'm running through the ice." I tried to do that yesterday. I got two houses down my block before I slipped on some of that invisible sidewalk ice and clonked my knee. I stood up, dusted myself off, turned around, and walked home.

Do you see how it is?

I did manage to go on an 8ish-mile run last weekend, which at least makes me believe that I can ambulate through 9.3 miles, but that doesn't make me any less undertrained. I say 8"ish" because I had to walk sections of the route due to deep, crunchy, uneven snow.

It was extremely frustrating.

Needless to say, I am devastated about my treadmill.

I believe it to be irreparable. It's been weirdly bouncy for months. Then it got kinda bumpy. Then it felt as if a hole was forming in the deck. I checked under the belt and it is all kinds of cracked all over.

At first I was all, oh the shame of being a chubby runner who smashed through her treadmill deck, and then it occurred to me that the deck might have gotten cracked during our move last year and gotten worse over the months since due to, well, due to me being a chubby runner. But once I started thinking about when the weird bounciness started and flashed back to the shoving and pushing and pivoting the movers did to smash the treadmill around our basement corners and into position, it occurs to me that I may not be entirely at fault.

While it is too late to file a claim with the movers, all is not lost because yesterday I did run at least a tenth of a mile while doing reconnaissance at the treadmill store. If you add in the six laps I took around the running shoe store earlier in the day, it's almost like I ran an ultramarathon.

I mean, I feel proud of myself that I can just go out and (mostly) run almost 8 miles after not doing any significant exercise for a while. I think that says good things about me. Crawling the last mile of my upcoming race will say fewer good things about me.

Even better? I'm flying to another state for this race, so I get to embarrass myself in front of a whole new crop of people. Wish me luck. Or at least wish me funny stories.


  1. You can do this! It will be warm & you will be with fun people. It's all about the experience. Have a great run!

  2. I think it will go well! I hope it's somewhere warm - that will help too. :)

    Looks like warmer weather next week - should be great for thawing.

  3. Yes! And because it's my first 15K ever, no matter how slow I crawl, I'll have a PR!

  4. My dream is to come home to a melted running path.

  5. PR! PR! It'll be awesome. I keep telling myself about my first marathon - also next week. And please, please, please, let me be running in 50 degree weather with no signs of ice!!

  6. Which marathon are you running? Rock'n'roll? You are going to CRUSH it!

  7. Julie CoppenrathMarch 5, 2015 at 3:07 PM

    You totally have this. If you can run 8 miles in crap conditions, you can easily run 9.3. No shame in walking - I find I get faster times if I purposely walk through out - even if it is at each mile marker for 1 minute. Get your Yaktrax on for your snowy running. You'll be surprised how much it helps.

  8. It snowed enough today to make my Yaktrax viable. I might give it a go tomorrow. I'll let you know if I fall down and it is all your fault.

  9. You'll do fine! Just do what you can and have a great race! Good Luck and Run Happy!

    P.S. I don't run outside when it's snowy and icy either. I'm a big weenie that doesn't like to fall down. :-D


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