Thursday, May 7, 2015

Commute Stories

There is an escalator I go down every time I go to work. Today it wasn't moving. The reason it wasn't moving was because there was a woman at the bottom with the hem of her dress stuck in the steps.

Great. Now I have something else to be afraid of.


There is a bank I go to in DC where they always offer you a miniature candy bar when you visit the teller. Today, deep in a yearning for snacks on my way home from work, I think I actually said, "Oh thank God" out loud when the guy passed me a mini-Krackel.


In other escalator news, I have to go down and up this escalator every day that I go to work.

It is the longest set of single span escalators in the Western Hemisphere.

If you just stand on the thing, it takes 2 minutes and 45 seconds to travel from top to bottom or vice versa.

It's kinda my nemesis.

When I started working, I would walk carefully down, gripping the side rail. Now I jog down. I hope when I inevitably take my fall that I am at least near the bottom.

I'm also working on jogging up the thing, although on Thank God for Krackel Days, I just stand on it. Sometimes I'll read a chapter of a book as it carries me slowly up. My usual routine is to walk up about 2/3 of it, take a long rest, and then finish.

It's a whole thing.


This isn't about my commute, but I realized something the other day. It is almost exactly a year since I started working. I realized something else as well. Ever since I've started leaving the house to go to work, I haven't had any long depressed stretches like I'd gotten used to.

Yeah, it's been harder to fit in some of the things I want to do and I still don't have perfect mental health and it turns out that people who have jobs actually DO sometimes get a case of the Mondays, but I've discovered that purpose and structure are really good for me.

So, hooray for jobs. And even commutes.


  1. I really needed this. You always make me smile/laugh/guffaw. :D

  2. Barbara QuintinMay 7, 2015 at 6:04 PM

    Guess you haven't been on the London escalators! Even I who absolutely despise stairs was a little nervous. Mostly that they wouldn't be running when I returned! They go so deep. I think I went down the three longest ever. I finally realized how safe they were as bomb shelters during the blitz. I wasn't there then but read about them.

  3. Jean, I'm so glad your job has been good for you! And I'm sure they enjoy having you there, too.

  4. I used to have to go to the Bethesda/Medical Center metro and it has a huge escalator. It made me so nervous that I used to take the pee-smelly elevator to avoid it. I developed a thing around escalators when my shoelace got stuck in one in London. So, I am totally with you on the escalator jitters!!!

  5. love. this.

    also love this:

    I think I actually said, “Oh thank God” out loud when the guy passed me a mini-Krackel.



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