Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lacing Up

I was really tired when 6 p.m. rolled around today. I'd gone to work, I'd gone to a Geek Squad appointment, I'd been late to pick up Jack from his after-school activity, and after all of that, Alex dragged me out to pick out a new refrigerator. I was beat.

I mention this because I'd planned to go running today. But by the time I actually had a chance to do so, running was the last thing I wanted. However, I've been trying to get back on a regular running schedule and I know that it is so easy to talk myself out of one run and then do it again the next day and before I know it, it's been a week and all I've done is sit on my couch.

I had good reasons to take the day off, but my fitness level doesn't really care if I have a good excuse.

With sadness, I laced up my shoes and headed out for a two and a half mile loop.

After. I was cutting it close with the oncoming darkness, but it was worth it.

I am writing about this because I am struggling. I am struggling with getting out there several days a week. I've signed up for a spring half marathon, so I have some motivation, but over the next couple of months, I'm trying to build a solid base and bring my speed back up to where it was when I was putting in decent weekly mileage.

It's going to be some work.

In an effort to make myself accountable, you might be seeing more Stimeyland Facebook posts that look like this:

“Proud of myself for getting outside for a run this afternoon! #runner #sweaty #obnoxious”

Feel free to unsubscribe now.

Or! Feel free to join me there and comment about your exercise victories and struggles. We can motivate each other!

Because I had a great run this evening. I was hungry and tired and annoyed and didn't want to go, but once I was out there, I was so glad I went. I came home feeling one million percent* better than when I left.

That is a feeling worth chasing—even if I think I don't want to.

* approximately


  1. Good for you! Half marathon! I can barely run a 5k.

  2. I'm trying CrossFit. I've had my 3rd class, but I'll wait to decide till I finish the one month covered by my Groupon. (It's expensive!!!!) Right before I started, I tried to start running (30 mins of walking for a minute then running for a minute). Haven't made it thru a complete 30 minute routine, but I figure I'll be nice to myself and forgive and just keep trying. Except I haven't tried again since starting CrossFit!

  3. A 5k is nothing to sniff at. :)

  4. Dude, you're badass. CrossFit is no joke. Let me know how it goes.

    Starting running is HARD. Really, really hard. Definitely be nice to yourself and forgive. Just do what you can, right? If you do too much, you'll hate it and never want to do it.

  5. I happen to be one of those strange people who has to run. (Actually you don't want to know me if I haven't been able to run for whatever reason for a couple of days - VERY cranky. Running gets scheduled into vacations!) Anyhow, one thing that has worked for me in dealing with days when I can't run is I run 5 days a week with 2 break days. So if I know that say on Wednesday I won't have time to run then I will run Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and not freak out that I can't go on Wednesday. Maybe something similar would help with your running?

  6. That's awesome. When I'm running regularly, I start to feel that way too. It's great. I agree that scheduling on and off days is a great idea. In fact, at the start of every week, I try to schedule which days and when on those days I will run. Having that locked down ahead of time helps a lot.

  7. I know the feeling of really not wanting to go do something and then being glad you went. When I was in Chicago I tried to start running for a while. I was doing a C25k program. I probably would have stuck with it longer if it wasn't getting progressively harder every day. It was like, "Oh good, you walked for twenty minutes yesterday? Now today, try RUNNING for ten minutes!" Uh... wait... But now I feel bad that I stopped. Yet somehow, I don't seem to want to start again!

  8. Good for you! I am proud of my big running accomplishment this year- I do a twice weekly 4k run/walk with a friend. This September,I ran in the Terry Fox Run at the high school where I work. I ran the whole way, only stopping for about 10 yards of walking once! I even ran passed kids who were running! I was thrilled, although I'm sure I was an alarming shade of heart attack red.
    I have been walking to work at my new job, 20 minutes each way. My main problem is not allowing myself enough time to get ready, and then having to walk really fast to make up time so I am not late for work. I am pleased that I haven't given in to the temptation to drive in to work because i am late.

  9. And while i think of it, I would like to thank you and your family for sharing your experiences with Autism. It has helped me greatly at my job.( I have a support staff job at the local school district.)

  10. 1. you are a runner, it is a part of who you are.
    2. even when you don't run, I can say with a fair amount of confidence you probably did not spend the entire week siting on the couch
    3. everytime you are struggling, really really not wanting to lace up the shoes, please think of us all rooting for you. We have so much confidence in your ability to work towards your goals, and we are here to whisper in your ear to remind you that you may well feel freakin' awesome afterwards, so see if you can't get out there even if you really don't want to right now.

  11. You are so lovely. Thank you.

  12. I'm so happy to hear this. Thank you!

  13. I started with C25K as well, but I repeated weeks. I did a lot of them twice because I didn't feel ready to move on to the longer runs yet. It worked out really well for me. Starting to run really, really sucks. It just does. But once you're in the habit, it feels so, so good.

  14. Keep posting. I need the motivation.


  15. I love when people also admit that they hate running, but they do it anyway. And I definitely need the reminder that once you're out there, it generally doesn't suck as bad as you thought it would. :)

  16. Are you running the R&R Half in DC? Please say yes! Because I'll be there!

  17. I'm not. My half is in Pittsburgh at the beginning of May. I am confident that we will meet on a race course one day though! :)


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