Monday, January 23, 2017

A List of Things Alex Did

You know how at celebrity award shows there is always some doofus who wins an award and then thanks everyone from her makeup artist to her lawyer but forgets to mention her partner, arguably the most important person of all?

Well. When Alex read yesterday's post where I thanked everyone under the sun including a stranger who handed me a banana, he was all, "Too bad Alex didn't help at all." Then he threatened me with bodily harm if I tried to change the post after the fact.


Let's take this opportunity to pretend that I had planned this post all along and I will tell you all of the wonderful things that Alex did to help me prepare for my marathon because seriously guys, I couldn't have done it without him.

Look how cute he is!

• Whenever I had a long run and only ran one direction because routes away from my house are downhill and routes back to my house are uphill, he came to pick me up.

• Sometimes he came to pick me up in really unfortunate places, like Georgetown on a Saturday night or next to the zoo during Zoo Lights a week before Christmas.

• When he picked me up, he would suffer through the stinkification of the car when I jacked the heat way up and sat really close to the vent. Trust me, that's award-worthy right there.

• He let me structure the entire family's schedule around my training calendar.

• When a family-related activity conflicted with my training calendar, he stepped up to be the parent-on-call.

• He let me go on a long run every Saturday when I would be gone for hours, then he let me come back and take a nap.

• When I had to get in a run, but knew I wouldn't have time after work, he let me run in the morning and he would get all three kids ready for school and get them on their buses.

• He was my best cheerleader, never doubting that I would be able to run a marathon and making sure he let me know that.

• He put a ton of extra effort into leading the family when I was training. In terms of putting in a lot of work for something that had no direct benefit for him, he really stepped up.

• All actions including but not limited to the above mentioned activities.


• When I called him after I finished last week's marathon and asked him if it would be okay if I ran another one this fall, without hesitation he said yes.

Thank you, Alex. I love you.


  1. Alex is certainly the BEST!!

  2. Tears xo so wonderful

  3. I think I love Alex. My husband would only allow me to run during school hours and when I signed up for another one he was very very annoyed.

  4. He also watched my son and gave me beer.

  5. I have been reading and enjoying your blog for years, given that you are a great writer and my 11-year old son is obsessed with Minecraft. Then, lo and behold, I went to a meeting at work the other day and Alex was there! You can imagine my surprise. I recognized him almost immediately. Small world.

  6. Nooooo! That's really funny. I hope he didn't say anything dumb or blatantly evil. What a trip. I just sent him an email with your comment to tell him that he is being observed. o_O :)

  7. It took every ounce of restraint in my body to not run up to him and blurt out "Hi, Alex! I know you, but you don't know me!" That would have been weird. We try to maintain our professional demeanor around here - even those of us who read mom blogs in our spare time.

  8. Ha! It would have been worth it for the look on his face.


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