Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Welcome to My New Effort to Write More Often

First I'll tell you a story.

Monday I was wearing socks in my house, which I guess I shouldn't do, because I have wood stairs and I slipped and fell down.

It was a catastrophic fall.

I just slipped down two stairs, but somehow at the end of it, I'd snapped a railing spindle, hit my back and arm hard, and clonked my head on two different stairs as I went down. I do feel a little bit like I've been beaten on with a baseball bat, but don't worry too much about my back and arm because my skull took the brunt of it.

Also, I was holding a glass bowl of water when I fell because of course I was.

I pretty much still have a headache, but I seem to be mostly okay. In fact, I don't even have a single visible bruise, which is a bit of a bummer because I can't get adequate sympathy.

But enough about me being clumsy. Let's talk about me being lazy.

Lately, instead of being a fully functioning member of Writersville, I sit on my couch and watch TV every night like the loafer I am. I would really like to write more often. I contemplated forcing myself to write every day for a month to get me back in the habit, but that seemed like setting myself up for failure and setting you up for any number of hideously boring posts about what I am watching on TV right now.

Instead I've decided to try to write at least a couple of times a week, focusing even on things that happened a while ago as long as I want to remember them in this digital scrapbook of mine. Either that or I will entirely give up on writing altogether. It's really like a 50-50 shot.

I have a whole list of topics that I plan to work my way down. Here's hoping I'm back soon. If not, it's been lovely knowing you all.


  1. I've posted in my blog since your last post here.

  2. Hope you keep writing!

  3. Boo clumsiness! Yay more writing!

  4. Please don't stop writing! Missed your wonderful take on life these last few weeks.. Very sorry to hear about your fall. Scary.

  5. Oh don't stop! Remember how I wrote you once and said I was working my way through your old archives of when the boys were little because they were so funny?!!?
    You are still funny and should share that joy with others. It's not like the kids were doing amazing things back then talked a lot about poop and the problems related to not pooping...or poop explosions...and they were all hilarious.
    I imagine everyone in your family still poops. You should have daily material!!! :-)

  6. Ha! This seems like a quick guide to making my family furious at me. I will commence to lurking around bathroom doors with a notebook and pencil.


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