Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Can't Even Come Up With an Interesting Title.

I'm a little bit in the throes of writer's block. Either that or I'm not doing anything interesting enough to warrant writing about. Or I'm subconsciously taking pity on you by not exposing you to more of my neuroses.

So you'll have to make do with this photo of my family at a Labor Day parade today.

Sam was supposed to walk with his karate studio in the parade, but he decided at the last second that he didn't want to. His primary reason was that he didn't trust us to catch candy for him if he was walking. His secondary reason was that he didn't want to walk for a mile. I think his unspoken reason was that he was busy getting sick.

I think his imminent sickness was the primary reason he completely lost it and threw a tantrum when we were walking back to the car. This tantrum—and its escalation—resulted in my taking away his candy.

So much for being worried about not getting any candy.

We relaxed and sold mattresses until we went to a late afternoon showing of Fly Me to the Moon.

If you ever want to laugh hard, put all your kids in 3D glasses.

We tried to go out to dinner afterward, but after being seated and ordering drinks at Gordon Biersch, we noticed that Sam was unwilling to remain vertical.

When our waiter brought our drinks, we told him that we needed the check because our son was sick. He insisted that we didn't need to pay and wished Sam well. That's the kind of customer service that will definitely bring me back to their restaurant.

I hope Sam is well enough for school tomorrow, because I'm really getting used to this one kid at home during the day thing. Now that is something I could write about.

(Funny how even with writer's block I can write a long post, huh?)


  1. Aw, poor Sam! Sick sucks! Hope he's better soon.

  2. you crack me up, I was going to say your last line!

  3. Come have writer's block at my place will ya? I got nothin'.

  4. Hope that school goes well for Jack today and Sam gets better soon - both will lift your writer's block, I'm sure!

  5. We were at the parade but sorry we didn't run into each other. I even looked at the karate studio kids thinking just maybe I'd see you with Sam. Hope Sam is feeling better and tomorrow is a better day for you and Jack!

  6. I bet it's the glasses, those 3D things make me nauseous.

    xoxo, SG

    PS: My kids boycott any parade where they don't throw candy.

  7. Everybody is just getting into the next season and school...
    you are doing great mom and I bet Sam will feel better soon :)

  8. I am so sorry. Sick kids? The worst. Bravo to the server sending you off the way he did.


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