Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Greetings and Salutations, Oh My Long Lost Friends

How are you all? I miss you! I thought it might be appropriate to update you on how things are going for Team Stimey and check in with you all. How are things? What's the latest? Did any of you worry that I had died?

Let's see. What's happening? Well, I just got an email from Netflix that a DVD of a movie I don't remember putting in my queue has been mailed, so I have that fun surprise going for me.

I could tell you about my knee, as that is all I've been blathering on about here for the past several months. Good news! It's feeling a lot better! In fact, I ran my first race since my injury just last Sunday. It was a 10k across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Jean standing in front of a view of a bridge
Too bad it was such a dismal day out.
Good lord did I run slow—like, slower than early days running Jean, but I ran every step and, honestly, that was my goal. When I signed up for this race, I was sure I was going to have to walk some of it—I really didn't think I'd be ready. I'm proud to say I worked really hard to get to my super slow time.

This was an especially important feat after a recent neo-knee drama. A few weeks ago I had triumphantly run 4 miles without stopping and was feeling awesome about myself. A couple of hours after that I was walking into my garage when I somehow stepped into a little strap with both of my feet. I couldn't do it again if I tried. I fell. I fell hard. I fell almost entirely on my right knee, which was at least not the knee I had surgery on.

drawing of me falling in the garage
My head almooooost hit that pole. I coulda died.
I was incredibly sad. That afternoon my knee hurt but wasn't too bad. By that evening, I was contemplating opioids for the pain. The next morning I could barely walk. In both pain and mobility, it felt just like my left knee had immediately after surgery. I was heartbroken. I didn't want to spend the next several weeks recovering because I somehow calf roped myself in my garage.

Happily, the next morning, my knee was a billion times better. I was able to run again by the weekend. It was super scary and pretty painful though.

The children are pretty good. Ups and downs, ins and outs, but mostly good. They're all huge almost-adults now.

That's Katie. She's a nerd.
Katie is driving with her learner's permit these days. She has to drive for 60 hours with me before she can get her license. I got one of those "Student Driver Please Be Patient" magnets that I slap on my car when she drives. Then I saw one that said "Student Driver and Screaming Parent" and I wished I'd gotten that one although I think Katie would be even madder about that. She's actually pretty good at driving. But she's new. It's a whole thing.

There's Jack on Halloween. He's a something from Splatoon.

And Quinn. He acquired 18 pounds of candy trick or treating.

He was an emoji. A terrifying, terrifying emoji.
We still have five cats. I currently have to give Sharky eye drops five times a day, so that is great and bringing us closer together. No, not really. He eyes me with suspicion every time I get close to him and sometimes he hides under the bed from me. Then I have to put some food out as a lure and then scoop him up and hold him down while Pickles looks on in horror. It's really eroding our relationship.

Also, we're embiggening our kitchen, which, while ultimately great, was not planned out to occur at the best time. Right now they're building the outside of the new kitchen and then they will break through the wall once that is completed and we will no longer have a functional kitchen. That part of the renovation will be happening right around Thanksgiving, so I'm really looking forward to cooking a turkey in a toaster oven in the living room.

I have a new athletic project coming up that I'm pretty excited about. I've been planning it and thinking about it (and teasing it here) for months now, but haven't pulled the trigger because then I actually have to do it. Now that my knee is mostly better I think that I should get started on it soon. Also, I bought a domain for it, so I guess I really have to do it now. But I can't start until I create myself a little logo. There is order to this madness, y'all. It is called Project Crow. What do you think it is?

There's a lot going on, huh? Well, I am coping by doing absolutely nothing but playing this new kind of puzzle that a coworker introduced me to, thereby ruining my life. It's called Picross and it is the greatest. And the worst. You're welcome and I'm sorry. There are some good time-sucking apps available.

Photo of Oreo. I'm holding her paw out.
Fist bump.


  1. Very exciting to get an update! I can't believe how almost-adulty they all look.
    Congratulations on completing your 10k! Coming back after injury is no joke, so well done you. Looking forward to hearing more about the new project.

  2. I'm fairly new to your blog and I don't know what happened to your knee, but glad to hear things are improving with it. I sprained mine over 2 months ago and it's still not right, so I know it can take a while. Thanks for your picture descriptions. As a blind reader I particularly appreciate them.

    1. Welcome! I had knee surgery in May after an injury. I hope yours feels better soon!

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  4. Is there a way to get directions for the game?

  5. So great to hear from you again. I thought it was just my incompetence that kept me from seeing your blog.


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