Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wherein Sam is Fabulous*

* Posted with full pre-approval by Sam.

I have exciting news! Sam would like me to announce that she is trans and would prefer us to all use she/her pronouns. She also understands that some of us have known her as male for a very long time so she won't destroy you if you slip up and use a masculine pronoun, like I do 800 times each day.

But yay Sam! Yay for being you! Yay for being bold! Yay for taking up your space in the world! I am very proud of you, my love.

I love every part about you, Sam.

Also, who was brilliant enough to give her a gender-neutral name?

Sam has proudly identified as being gay (quoiromantic asexual) for a while now, but I haven't written about it here as I considered it her story to tell. (I know. The irony after ten years of blogging about my kids. Let's just say I've evolved.) But! She started asking why I hadn't blogged about it and started outright demanding that I do so and it started to seem less like me respecting her privacy and more like me ignoring her truth. Also, now that she is out as trans, I didn't want to give anyone whiplash by suddenly changing pronouns on all of you with no explanation.

So, proud us. Brave Sam.

She is out at school and everything, which had to be a scary transition to make. Fortunately, she reports that people—students and teachers—have been great. Jack and Quinn are all good about it too. They were like, "Okay. Can I play video games now?" This generation gives me hope.

I'm sure that she will face challenges as she ages and goes into the world, but I think that one of the best armors against bigotry is a strong self-esteem and love of self. As with my other kiddos, Sam seems to have those. We will continue to nurture her and teach her to be proud of who she is. And she will continue to teach us about strength and pride and who she is. I look forward to seeing how she evolves and I feel so lucky that she trusts us enough to let us share that journey with her.

Flaunt it, friendo! (Also, for the first time, Sam had someone else dye her hair for her, which felt a little bit like a stab in the heart, but at least she let me bleach it, so I get the crumbs of attention at least.)

Also, any locals who might have suggestions for resources/support that we can look into would be great.