Hi there! I'm Stimey! I also go by Jean Winegardner. I previously wrote a blog about my family from 2007 to 2019 that was called Stimeyland. I ultimately decided to take that blog down because it disclosed a lot about my kids and family and I no longer felt it was my place to do that.

But you know what is my place? Writing about absurd things that I do! I can't promise that I'll write a lot, but I like having an outlet to do so if the mood hits me, so here you go!

I live in the Washington, DC, area with my husband Alex and my three kids: Katie (born 2001), Jack (born 2003), and Quinn (born 2005). I am autistic, a runner struggling with injuries, a Peloton junkie, an avid podcast listener, and currently the office manager for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

I have special interests in cats, rodents, zombies and the apocalypse, true crime, running, and filling out forms. Am a crow enthusiast. I like TV a lot too. Did you know we are living in the goddamn golden age of television?

You can also find me at Project Crow, which is my blog about cycling, running, or walking to my neighborhood from every DC-area Metrorail station.

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