Sunday, February 5, 2023

Good News?

Well, the knee seems to have held. It's a little sore, but since I ran 3+ miles on Friday and 8 miles today, I'm not that concerned about it. Great news, right? Except now it's looking like I HAVE to run my 10-mile race and a thing I learned during my eight miles today is that it made me very tired and I'm not sure I want to run ten miles all in a row just two weeks from now.

Here's something I've said a lot in life and on Instagram in the past two years that I haven't been writing here: Fuck Past Stimey. Why did she think running long distances was such a great idea? And as long as we're at it, let's give a fuck you to Future Stimey as well because I'm pretty sure she's going to sign up for long races in the future.

Fingers crossed that getting back to my normal training schedule keeps all my parts working smoothly and I can hate Past and Future versions of me without pain or interruption.

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